Lecture Theo Kralt: “Jean Baptiste Discart in Tangiers”

On Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 19h, at NIMAR in Rabat, Theo Kralt gave a lecture about the painter Jean Baptiste Discart. Between 1882 and 1920, Discart has stayed for long periods in Tangiers, where he painted quite a few orientalist paintings. Theo Kralt recently published a book (in Dutch) about this little known painter, discussing his orientalist paintings and Dutch portraits.

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Aanbieding boek Discart aan de Nederlandse Ambassadeur in Rabat, mw. Désirée Bonis en de Oostenrijkse Ambassadeur in Rabat, Marokko, de heer Klaus Kögeler op 10 september 2019 in Rabat, Marokko

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